Paint bucketsThe Arts Coalition awards four different kinds of grants throughout the year. The Creative Community and Artistic Development grants are made possible by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board that is matched with funds generated through fund-raising events, major gifts from local businesses, and contributions from individuals. The Arts Coalition is one of 16 statewide groups responsible for distributing state funds to local arts programs. 


Creative Community Grant Program

This program annually awards approximately $10,000 to local artists, arts organizations and groups involved in art or cultural programs. The purpose of the grant is to stimulate creative and innovative arts programming. Proposed projects can be any artistic discipline or combination of artistic media, and may include public exhibits, performances, publications, and educational activities. Applications are due mid-February or early March with awards announced in the early part of April.

Applications for the grant are reviewed by a Peer Review Panel comprised of the local arts community. Proposals are evaluated on the degree of community involvement and community benefit, artistic merit, creativity and innovation, ability of the applicant to complete the project, potential for growth and development, and the ability to provide matching funds. Awards will be no more than $2,500.

For more information on the Creative Community Grant Program and to download the most recent application, please CLICK HERE.



Artistic Development Grant

This grant program emphasizes an individual's arts project or artistic learning and development. Eligible for funding are expenses related to projects in the visual or performing arts, or to help cover short-term courses, workshops or art/music classes or camps. Funds are intended to cover materials, time spent on a project or for registration fees. Any professional or amateur artist or student in the River Valley is eligible to apply. Criteria for evaluating grant applications are individual benefit, educational benefit, financial need, community benefit and target date for completion.

For more information on the Artistic Development Grant and to download the most recent application, please 

The Eureka! Grant

The Eureka! Grant provides support for smaller arts and culture projects with a quicker response time than SGAAC’s larger grant programs. Application may be made at any time, but only applications received by the first of each month will be reviewed at that month's Arts Coalition Board meeting. The maximum request is $500, and applications will be considered until all available funds are awarded. 

Funds for this program are raised through local fund-raising events, membership, and donations from businesses and individuals. 

For more information on the Eureka! Grant and to download the an application, please CLICK HERE.


SGAAC awards a $250 scholarship to a River Valley High School Senior planning to pursue further study in an arts related field. This includes, but is not limited to, programs in: Performing or Visual Arts, Architecture, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, and Communications.

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