Creative Community Grant Program

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This program annually awards approximately $10,000 to local artists, arts organizations and groups involved in art or cultural programs. The purpose of the grant is to stimulate creative and innovative arts programming. Proposed projects can be any artistic discipline or combination of artistic media. These include the performing arts—dance, theater, music; folk arts—wood, ceramics, textiles; the literary arts—writing and poetry; and all forms of visual arts—photography, video, film, architecture, paintings, and sculpture. Projects may include public exhibits, performances, publications, and educational activities.

Applications for the 2020 Creative Community Grant are due February 24th, 2020.  The Peer Review Panel will meet in mid-March 2020 and awards will be announced by the end of March 2020. Projects must be completed by January 31st 2021. Recipients may request an extension for longer projects.

Applications for the grant are reviewed by a Peer Review Panel comprised of the local arts community. Proposals are evaluated on the following criteria:


  • community involvement and community benefit
  • artistic merit and innovation
  • ability of the applicant to complete the project
  • potential for growth and development
  • ability to provide matching funds. 

Awards will be for no more than $2,500.

2019 Recipients

Taliesin Preservation --  $2,100.  To bring in acclaimed cellist Mike Block for two days of workshops and performances with area students and the general public.

Spring Green Community Library --$1,200.  For a watercolor workshop and art exhibit.

River Valley Community Chorus-- $900.  For the Musicians Unite To Fill An Empty Table Concert, which was a fundraiser for area food pantries.

Springboard--$1,300.  To support their Musician in Residence program.

Rural Musicians Forum--$2,000.  For a concert featuring the art of John Himmelfarb as a percussion truck.


2018 Recipients

Fall Art Tour--$1900.  To produce a video promoting Fall Art Tour.

Springboard--$2,400.  For the artist E. Lee to design and install a public mural in downtown Spring Green.

Taliesin--$2,400.  To support the Plein Air Festival.  

Wyoming Valley Cultural Arts Center--$1,900.  To offer programming to area children during Winter Break. 


2017 Recipients

Taliesin Preservation--$1,740.  To support architectural workshops for children. 

River Valley High School--$1,475.  To purchase cameras and related equipment for the Art Department.

River Valley Dance Advancement--$1,425.  To support the dancers in attending dance competitions.

St. John the Evangelist School--$344.  To bring in artists to do workshops with the students.  


2016 Recipients

Arena Community Elementary School (ACES) - $2,500. This Creative Community Grant partially underwrites the school’s Architecture in the Classroom project that will be a collaborative program between ACES and the Taliesin Preservation Commission. The program includes three phases: 1. The Legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright will include research about the famed architect, field trips to Wright sites and guest speakers; 2. Architecture and Design Around Us will provide students with the opportunity to explore general architecture in their community, learn the architects’ vocabulary and practice drawing to scale; 3. Architecture Through the Ages will focus on the history of architecture from ancient to modern times.

Cornerstone Church - $1,000. The church has been awarded a Creative Community Grant to help fund the restoration of the only piece of stained glass from the recent fire that destroyed the historic church building. A public presentation about the creation and restoration of stained glass windows will be scheduled after the new church building is constructed. The window will be displayed on an exterior wall so that this art will be shared with the whole community.

Reviewing this round’s grant applications were Melinda Van Slyke, Kay Taylor, Michael Whaley and Eric Ferguson. Terry Kerr, current SGAAC President, coordinated the grant review process, and Barbara Morford served as a technical advisor to grant applicants.

SGAAC plans to announce a second 2016 opportunity to apply for Creative Community Grants and Artistic Development Grants soon. A reconfigured Small Grant program is also under development at this time.

2015 Recipients

The Spring Green Area Arts Coalition awarded $9,300 to six applicants:

The White Church Project - $3,890. This grant will support a series of guest lectures, performances and films to be offered this summer at The White Church, located on Highway 23 in the Wyoming Valley. The programs will feature internationally recognized scholars and performers.

Arena Community Elementary School (ACES) - $1,960. This grant underwrites a school field trip to Spring Green arts-based businesses. Students will be introduced to local artists and their media and will explore how engineering and science are incorporated into the production of art in various media. The students will present their observations on the role of technology in the arts in a video documentary which will be posted on the River Valley School District website and the RV Art Department Facebook page.

Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center - $1,500. A collaborative effort by the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center, Taliesin and the River Valley School District will celebrate the sciences and their connection to the arts as part of the Wisconsin Science Festival on October 22-25, 2015. Fourth and fifth grade students will participate in Art and the Cosmic Connection, a program created by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Student artwork created in the program will be featured in signage along a Planet Walk beside the Taliesin bike/pedestrian path. Workshops and other events will be offered to the public.

Village of Spring Green - $1,000. This grant will support the further development of artistic activities during the community’s annual Country Christmas celebration. Performances and workshops by local musicians and artists will be featured.

Solstice Jazz Band (River Valley Players) - $750. This grant will help underwrite the Big Band Jam event scheduled for July 9, 2015 in downtown Spring Green. The concert in the Post House Garden will feature 60 exceptional area musicians performing in three big band ensembles.

Rural Musicians Forum - $200. Funds will support RMF’s new program, “For Openers” which will create performance opportunities for local student musicians. Student musicians selected for the program will give public performances at the beginning of the July 27 and August 10 Unity Chapel summer concerts hosted by RMF.

2013 Recipients

The Spring Green Area Arts Coalition gave $2,000 to five applicants requesting funds up to $500 for projects in the performing and visual arts. Awarded this year:

River Valley Elementary Studio School in support of local artists who will work with 75 young students in creating original artwork, teaching artistic elements such as perspective, color, line and texture, using the techniques of printing, painting, and illustration.

Arena Elementary School for the purchase of supplies for teaching the Art of Mosaic--students will learn the techniques and history of mosaic-making around the world, resulting in the design and building of a new sign to replace the old and outdated school sign on the side of the school.

River Valley High School Choir to go toward the purchase of new risers and shell for the use of the Music Department and others for performance.

The Rural Musicians Forum for the celebration of Black History Month by bringing in Madison’s Mt. Zion Gospel Choir, known for its ability to infuse traditional gospel harmonies with vigor, joy and inspiration.

Kraemer Library and Community Center in Plain for the purchase of the Walker Display System that allows the hanging and display of two-dimensional works of art by area artists.

2012 Recipients

Wyoming Valley School Arts Center: The Creative Community Grant will underwrite the cost of 16 workshops and two special eventsa season opening event in the Spring and a Harvest Festival in the Fall. Workshops include Broadway Beat, a musical theater camp with Jennifer Snow; Trickster Jack, a story-writing workshop for youth with Reid Gilbert; World Drumming workshop with Monica Kmak; and Wednesday Nights Arts Gatherings. Grant funds allow the Arts Center to offer programs to the public at little or no cost.

River Valley High School: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of River Valley High School and the River Valley School District, a production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town will be produced by Nick Ehlinger and Lisa Scofield. Grant funds will help underwrite the costs of performance and production at the Gard Theater.

 River Valley High School Choir Department: Funds will support music purchase, dance and acting coaches, costumes and production costs. A POPS concert will be performed for the general public.

 Artsbridge: This is a multigenerational project, directed by Nancy Giffey, which brings together urban and rural students, adults, and seniors to create visual arts inspired by music, poetry and movement. Urban students from the Bayview Center in Madison come to the Wyoming Valley School to meet and work with Spring Green students. The grant helps fund the costs of the workshops. The art created in workshops will be on exhibit in the community and at Ethnic Fest in Madison.

Documentary film: Funds will underwrite the costs of production of a 30-minute documentary, No Brainer: True Confessions of a Cancer Mutant. Produced by Dave Erickson and based on his real life experience, the film will star Jim Ridge and be available for film festivals, Wisconsin public television, and on DVD.

Rural Musicians Forum: Funds will support the performance by chorus and orchestra of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. Conducted by Effi Casey, the first concert will be part of the Rural Musicians Forum’s summer concert series at Taliesin and a second concert, the venue to be determined.

Spring Green Literary Festival: The grant helps underwrite the costs of Suspense in Spring Green, a weekend that celebrates the art of mystery writing.

2011 Recipients

River Valley High School for Enhanced Visual Media Capabilities: The purchase of a Green Screen, an iMac computer, and a 24-inch color printer to produce videos and promotional materials for the purpose of creating inter-disciplinary projects that use visual media to educate, inform and entertain. The productions serve to teach students the powerful role of the visual arts in a technologically driven culture.

River Valley Players for a Community Choir: Drawing from a 50-mile radius, the choir will be comprised of all ages from high school and up, no matter what skill level. Directed by Jan Swenson, the work for public performance will be The Messiah. Other pieces may be performed also in concert. All will be free and open to the public.

Wyoming Valley School for Visual and Performing Arts Classes: Taught by local artists and experts, the summer series includes Kids Art for children 7-13; Children's Chorus Summer Camp for elementary school children; Artsbridge, an arts program that brings children from the Bayview Community Center, a multicultural neighborhood in Madison, together with children from the Spring Green area; and Saving Memories, the art of preserving old papers and photographs.

River Valley High School for a Show Choir: The purchase of show music, to pay a choreographer to work with students in dancing and acting, and to create costumes and stage sets for performances. A pops concert for public performance is scheduled for January 2012. Other venues will be scheduled including those where the Show Choir will be judged on attitude, teamwork and performance.

Taliesin Preservation, Inc for a Senior Citizen Visitation Program: Tea in the gardens at Taliesin and presentations and art activities at senior centers, residences and libraries in the Spring Green area. The themes are Wright Designed Buildings in Wisconsin and Wright's Love of Nature—His Architectural Inspiration. The program further encourages seniors to share their personal stories about Wright and Taliesin which will be recorded and used for educational and archival purposes.