SGAAC awards a $250 scholarship to a River Valley High School Senior planning to pursue further study in an arts related field. This includes, but is not limited to, programs in: Performing or Visual Arts, Architecture, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, and Communications. This scholarship is renewable for an additional $250 for three consecutive years providing they are full time students in a degree program. Applicants file their scholarship forms with the River Valley Guidance Office and must include an essay on how they will realize their artistic expression. The recipient is selected by the Grants Committee.

Previous Scholarship recipients are:

Mackenzie Richardson, 2019

Mikayla McVay, 2018

Lauren Knutson, 2018

Meridith Anding, 2017

Daniel McDonald, 2016

Mariah Noble, 2015

Madeline Ehlinger, 2014

Katilyn Peck, 2013

Alyssa Sorce, 2013

Meagan Hanson, 2011

Kira Erickson, 2010

John Miller, 2009

Garrett Peck, 2008

Alex Faherty, 2007

Kristi Tabrizi, 2006